Monday, July 27, 2009

*peeks in*

Guess I'm not eating tonight

¡Hola mi preciosos amigos! ¿Hablas español? I don't (well, yo habla un poco español)*! It's definitely an asset when traveling in any Spanish speaking country, including Costa Rica. ...smooth transition... Speaking of Costa Rica, guess where I've been hiding out the past little while? That's right, Brandon and I went to CR to celebrate our 1st anniversary (In related news, he got me a small camera to keep in my purse and true lens for my Nikon to boot, so I will be taking muy pictures from now on! Also, I'm an ass. We said that the trip was our gift to each other. I didn't get him anything but a sweet card and the news that I'll officially be adding his name to mine, shocking everyone, expecially Bran. It is the paper anniversary you know!).

I have so many cool things to share about my far too short trip through this ridiculously amazing and fascinating country - some food related, some note, all fairly awesome if I do say so myself. Stay tuned!

*I apologize for most likely butchering most of that. Why, oh why, did I take 5 years of Latin?


The Food Librarian said...

Oh!!! So jealous of your trip! Can't wait to see and read more.

Katy ~ said...

LOL. I'm tuned!

girlichef said...

LOL!! What an amazing trip :)