Thursday, June 11, 2009


The bags are packed, the hiking boots are laced up, the cooler is stuffed full with lots of goodies. It's time for a break. Time for CAMPING! But you know what that means. No Internet access! Or phones! Or TV! You might as well take away food and water. I can't remember a time without these things around me at at all times! It will be a welcome vacation not only from my day job, but from all the other technological distractions that are hard to separate yourself from on a daily basis. But that also means, no blogging :*(

In a very short amount of time, I have come to love this silly little blog. I so enjoy it - posting pictures, telling stories, meeting other people with interesting blogs, and having an outlet where I can create and then say "Hey, I did that." With this new-found love, I have big plans for when I get back.

First things first. I'm going to do a week-long ode to camping food. S'mores should not be the only food you eat while camping. These will be field-tested, Brandon-approved meals that are easy and satisfying to eat whilst in the wild. Also on the docket, I'll be teaming up with Natty from Life is a Feast to chronicle our happy hour findings and escapades in an 8 week long look into happy hours in Southern California. We both like good drinks, cheap eats and great conversation. I look forward to it!

So, with that, I'm going to rest up, take some pictures, and enjoy my week off with mother nature (and my wonderful husband, and parents, and 2 sisters, and their husbands, and their 6 kids, and the Jack!). It will be an adventure! See you soon!
Jack will miss you!


~~louise~~ said...

Oh Cori. It sounds like you are going to have a blast!!! Gather as you may but hurry back. I know you will return with some really cool goodies!!!!

Natty said...

The happy hour challenge is ON. Like Donkey Kong!

Emily said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you; smores should be the ONLY thing you eat. Heh. Kidding.

Have fun!

Melissa said...

Hey, girlichef is following you now! Yay!

Just when I go through my reader, finally catching up, you're gone for a week. Coming back tomorrow haha. Go figure. I know what you mean about getting attached... but that week in nature is so freakin awesome too. Hope you had a wonderful time Cori!