Tuesday, February 17, 2009

uber cheap wall decor

This is a project that I did last spring when I had barren walls in my house. I wanted something quick, cheap and easy (that's what he said!), so this project was absolutely perfect to help give a bit of warmth to my home.

I bought four fabrics I thought would work well together from Tonic Living and promptly waited 2 weeks for my fabrics to arrive. The company is based in Canada, so it wasn't their fault, but it definitely helped me practice my patience skillz. In the meantime, I went to the art store and picked up some wood canvas frame pieces. I knew that I wanted to do three panels, to I wanted tall-ish and skinny-ish, but I wanted the fabric art to be a main focus of the room, so I went with 38x20 inches.

First things first... make sure your fabrics are nice and flat. That means you'll probably want to iron them. Then you can assemble your frame. It's super easy to do because these frames are cut such that a monkey with a blindfold can put them together.

Next, lay your frame out on the fabric and cut around your frame and position the frame so that your pattern doesn't look wonky. If you want to make the back edges look pretty, too (which doesn't matter because it will be against a wall, anyway), you will want to leave about two inches excess fabric around the frame so that you can fold over the fabric and staple gun it to the frame.

After you staple that first edge, do the complete opposite edge and pull tight. It may look like it's too taught, but it isn't and the lines will smooth out once you fasten the adjacent staples. When you are stapling those, you'll run into the corner problem. It's very simple to do a double fold and make sure that your corners are folded nice and tight:

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