Monday, February 09, 2009

you said you wanted it, sweetie

This weekend, I had a conversation with my husband, Brandon, about desserts. I told him that I was planning to make my awesome chocolate caramel tart later this week to blog about it, but that I needed input as to what he thought would be something else post about. He said chocolate chip cookies. He always says chocolate chip cookies. What can I say, the man has simple tastes and know what he likes.

The problem is, chocolate chip cookies are just 'meh.' I mean, I make an OK chocolate chip cookie, but I don't make a great one. I'm still in the market for the *best* chocolate chip cookie. I fully believe that sometimes the simplest recipes are the most difficult to perfect.

Then I has an epiphany. Brandon's birthday is this week. If I can't make the best chocolate chip cookie, I might as well make the biggest.


The behemoth chocolate chip cookie cake.

I got this recipe from Martha, and boy, she wasn't kidding; this sure is GIANT. It was really easy to make, the cookies were very cakey and definitely soft enough to cut all the way through, and just the idea of a cake made out of cookies made me giggle. Brandon absolutely adored the cake. I couldn't argue that the novelty of it couldn't be beat.

I decided to go with buttercream frosting because what else could chocolate chip cookies need besides more sugar? That and I don't particularly care for cream cheese frosting. The cake slid around once the frosting was on, but I popped it in the fridge for a while until the frosting set up a bit.

C'mon, is it not the coolest cake you've ever seen?

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